Production of Casa Noble Tequila The essence of our culture, the flavor of our land, the passion for perfection...

At Casa Noble, each detail of the production process-from cultivating the blue agave plants to the lengthy aging process-insures the properties and aromas unique to the tequila.

One of the most important factors in a great tequila is the agave. Casa Noble is a distillery and also an agave grower with more than 3000 acres of agave fields under cultivation. One of the secrets of ultra premium Tequila is in the soil from which it comes and for this reason, Casa Noble only uses agave from its own fields located in the hills near the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco. These regions inside the designated area of the origin of tequila contain a unique soil that produces the best blue agave.

In cultivating the agave, we nurture them from the time that we plant the young sprouts - with adequate water, earth enriched and careful cleaning - to make sure that they mature into healthy blue agaves full of all the properties from the earth in which they are grown.

Within ten to fourteen years of patiently watching them grow, the plant reaches the peak of maturity and is carefully selected to be harvested (jimada) by hand and taken to the distillery that is located in the city of Tequila. At the distillery, the centuries-old traditional ovens with thick stone walls are filled with the hearts of the Blue Agave Tequilana Weber to be steam cooked for 36 hours. We prefer the old way of cooking the agave because, in our opinion, it produces the most intense flavor for our tequila.

After the hearts of the agave (piñas) are cooled, they are shredded and squeezed to extract the sweet juice (mosto) that is set to rest for five days in a natural fermentation. This step is customary of the best tequilas producing fuller body, greater aroma and lasting taste.

Traditionally, tequila is distilled twice but Casa Noble is distilled three times with great care to make sure we obtain a distillation showcasing the best characteristics, the purest tequila and the highest-quality product. The distillation is completed in small stills with more even heat throughout to insure the aromatic essence of the tequila.

The Master Distiller verifies every step of the production of Casa Noble and the initial tasting tests begin after distillation - a tradition that has been handed down in his family for generations. The Master Distiller and his assistants use tequila snifters specially designed to swirl, sniff and taste to detect the correct notes and balance of the tequila. Once he determines the tequila meets the rigorous Casa Noble profile, it is set apart to be caked.

At Casa Noble, we only use white French oak barrels from Limosin. Though this is not typical for tequila, French oak imparts the special complex characteristics we desire in our tequila. During aging, the Master Distiller is constantly monitoring the tequila. After 364 days for Casa Noble Reposado, the oldest possible age for this type of tequila, and five years for Casa Noble Añejo, the oldest tequila in the market, the Master Distiller has completed his artistry and approves Casa Noble to be bottled.
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