Casa Noble... the history The Casa Noble Tradition starts from a 1700s hacienda surrounded by Blue Agave.

The ways and customs of a country's population, regardless of it's geographic location, have a strong relation to their foods and drinks. Meal preparation and presentation, and its time to share them, have played a relevant role in how most cultures become known through out history and around the world. This is owed to the customs, traditions and sentiments found in the rituals that surround eating and drinking. A perfect example of all of this can be found in this one word: Tequila. Tequila is one of Mexico's most significant contributions to the world. This beverage means so much to our culture, because many of our people's highly regarded values - tradition,perfection, pureness, togetherness, sharing - these same elements were the building blocks in the late 1800s from which Casa Noble began its own quest to produce and offer tequila to the world.

Casa Noble's roots can be traced as far back as the mid-1700s, as a hacienda surrounded by a vast land where only one thing was to be found: Blue Agave (Tequiiana Weber), tequila's one and only source. In a few years, this particular hacienda became one of the most industrially developed facilities of the region; its lands holding close to 1 million agave plants. The whole region recorded a 6 million total. At the turn of the century, this hacienda had a daily production capacity of ten 66-liter barrels.

By the early 1900s, the beverage known as "vino mezcal" or "vino tequila" began growing in popularity and acceptance as a straight drink, unfiltered and undiluted. Tequila was kept in wood barrels. After fermentation they were carried by mules directly to the catinas in Mexico City and nearby Guadalajara. People from all social levels enjoyed tequila with the same enthusiasm, and soon it became a tradition to drink at a wide variety of gatherings.

Tequila remains deeply rooted in our people's most meaningful and special events. Today tequila is present at weddings, birthdays, family reunions, christenings, anniversaries, banquets, etc. Song- writers have also paid homage to Mexico's finest export in many ballads. Passion and tequila go side by side among our people's lives, celebrations and meals.

For us at Casa Noble, making tequila is a ritual that reflects a deep respect for all the mysticism and tradition that this beverage en- gendered for the Mexican people, and that now has extended to many countries. Tequila Casa Noble holds in each and every one of it's bottles the essence of our culture, the flavor of our land, the passion for perfection, an obsession to produce only the purest and authentic tequila. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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